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The world’s most unique offices

The 4th October marks ‘Improve your office day’, and it’s got us dreaming big. From sofas as desk chairs to slides instead of stairs, we’ve been getting a little carried away. But, after a little research, those dreams seemed pretty small.

We’ve picked our five favourite office spaces from some of the world’s biggest companies, and we know you’ll be jealous!


The company may be relatively unheard of outside North America, but these invention giants blow their competitors out of the water when it comes to interior design. Pirate ships, caves and treehouses are just a few of the creative spaces they have in place to encourage ideas to flow. With over 2000 inventions coming out of the Pittsburgh office each year, something is clearly working.

World’s most unique offices

Inventionland’s incredible Pittsburgh office is more like a playground!


Slide, hot air balloons, taxis, a basketball court and a gym… these are just a few of the features that make Google’s worldwide offices so spectacular. With offices in California, Tel Aviv, London, Dublin, Bangkok, Dubai and many more places across the globe, Google spares no expense when it comes to creating mind blowing office spaces.

World’s most unique offices

Google spares no expense when it comes to creating mind blowing office spaces.


When Mark Zuckerberg started working on Facebook in the early noughties, he was still a college kid. Before he knew it, his platform exploded and become the biggest social media platform in the world. To help grow his online community, he built an office space that is more like a small village with quiet spaces, loud spaces and first class food readily available for employees at all time!

World’s most unique offices

Facebook believes well fed employees deliver the best results!


Social media is leading the way when it comes to cool office spaces, and Hootsuite is no different. The social scheduling platform has established itself as the go to tool for social media marketers, and its Vancouver office is definitely somewhere you’d love to work. With a forest theme flowing throughout this transient work space, employee performance and happiness remains central to the Hootsuite movement.

World’s most unique offices

Hootsuite’s Vancouver office features plenty of beer and work out spaces!

Innocent Smoothies:

Slides remain a theme in this playful office, sitting alongside ping pong tables, picnic benches, a Tardis and a full library. Like many of the modern creative enterprises around the globe, Innocent have gone with a theme of fun, and their UK office was coined ‘London’s coolest office’ by The London Evening Standard.

World’s most unique offices

Innocent Smoothies are all about fun, with a little work in between!

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