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What kind of sofa should you chose – leather or fabric?

Choosing the ideal sofa for your home is a big decision. Once you’ve decided on the style of sofa you want, it very quickly boils down to the next big question – leather or fabric?

Here are some useful tips about the advantages of each material that will hopefully make your decision easier.


Fabric sofas are available in a much wider selection of colours, and you will often find a range of vibrant colours available, that will give your living room a contemporary look.

Leather sofas on the other hand, tend to come in a more limited selection of colours, however their smart, sleek design offers a classic sense of elegance to your room that can be difficult to achieve with a fabric sofa.


At ScS we offer a range of leather and fabric sofas, however both offer varying degrees of comfort that will ultimately come down to your personal preference.

Fabric is naturally a much softer material than leather, meaning fabric sofas are likely to be more comfortable from the day they arrive.

Leather sofas are much firmer than fabric sofas, as leather takes time to longer to absorb heat, but you will find they get softer with use, in the same way a leather jacket would.

G Plan Westbury fabric sofa


Let’s start with you. How busy is your household? Do you have kids? Do you have pets? As you can imagine, the level of maintenance required will stem from the volume of use the sofa receives.

Leather sofas offer a number of benefits when it comes to maintaining your sofa, as spills can easily be wiped off and pet hairs won’t hang around.

Although pet hairs have a tendency to stick in fabric sofas, they can easily be removed with a hoover when freshening up your sofa. Cushions and covers can also be removed with fabric sofas, so you can have them cleaned, and give your sofa a deep clean without too much work.

We recommend purchasing either a leather or fabric care kit with your sofa, as the specialist products included have been designed to ensure your sofa stays looking its best for longer.



Leather by design is a much tougher material than fabric, meaning a leather sofa is likely to be more durable that a fabric sofa. As previously mentioned, this does depend on the amount of use the sofa receives, and the stress it is put under, as pet’s claws can cause leather to puncture and spillages to fabric can lead to stains.

Both leather and fabric sofas have their pros and cons, and it’s important to select the material that best suits your lifestyle. All of our sofas come with up to 4 years free credit, 0% APR representative, so you can treat yourself today, and pay for your new furniture in affordable monthly payments that suit you.

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