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We’re on a mission to bring back family dining!

Following research that revealed that 7/10 parents would like to spend more mealtimes together, we’re on a quest to BRING BACK FAMILY DINING!

The humble dining table is more than just a place to eat. It’s a place to spend valuable time with family and friends, conversing, laughing and bonding over great food.

We know that sitting down to eat as a family can be difficult, so to help give you some ideas, our team members have given their top tips on how they bring everyone together around the dining table after a busy day at work.

Farren’s family enjoy discovering new foods

Farren, aged 32, Flooring Commercial Manager at ScS, and dad to Ava.

“After a long day, I really look forward to getting home for family dinnertimes with my wife, Alison, and daughter, Ava. Ava, 15-months-old, is currently trying all types of new foods. She particularly likes her vegetables at the moment, which is great for us too! She always has room for a fruit dessert, with her favourite being fresh strawberries, helping both mum and dad eat healthier and avoid the cheesecake.”

Vicki’s keeps it simple for a busy household

Vicki, aged 33, Communications Specialist at ScS, also mum to Megan, Hugo the dog and Misty the cat.

“We’re a busy household and family so when it comes to mid-week dinners I tend to keep it simple. My daughter is three-years-old and a little bit fussy when it comes to food, and definitely does better when we eat together, so I go for something I know everyone will enjoy. I always have a batch of sausages in the freezer for a quick meal time wonder, teamed up with mashed potatoes and lightly buttered peas and broccoli it always ends with full tummies and empty dinner plates all round, which is a thumbs up for me!”

Adam’s a bit of a wiz in the kitchen

Adam, aged 27, Digital Executive at ScS and part time music writer, lives with his girlfriend Maggie.

“After a long day at work and around an hour’s drive home, I’m ready for a big feed. Rice is my go to food, and spice, heat and flavour is absolutely essential.  Aubergine, courgettes, chillies, onion, celery and halloumi roasted in garlic and thyme makes for a delicious meal that’s quick, easy to make and perfect for veggies. Add some brown rice cooked with mustard seed and you’ve got a winning dish for two in less than half an hour.”

Helen’s family feast is a family favourite

Helen, aged 30, Senior Marketing Executive at ScS, and mum to Mia.

“As a family we love nothing more than a ‘picky tea’, with an array of bowls of fresh vegetable sticks and dips, fun fruit kebabs, open sandwiches and such like. We use it as a great excuse to get round the table together and chat about our day at work and school. The relaxed atmosphere creates some great family time and allows my daughter Mia to help with the making and serving of the foods.”

Bring back family dining

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