Valentines day is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning what to do on the most romantic day of the year!

Theres always a huge dilemma as you have to first weigh up on whether to go out to a nice fancy restaurant, or stay at home in the warm and snuggle up on the sofa! Here at ScS, we’re opting for the latter!

#1 – Home Cooked Meal & A Bottle of wine (or two…)

Theres nothing that shows how much you love someone than cooking them there perfect meal with a candle lit table from M&S. If you’re feeling extra romantic, why not go crazy and put a few rose petals on the table too! Oh and don’t forget to wash down that romantic meal with a cheeky bottle of wine!

#2 – Takeaway & Movie

Alternatively, if you’ve both had a long day at work, sometimes the thought of having to come home and cook a fancy meal for you both can be exhausting in itself. Why don’t this year you make it as easy as possible and order in and save the hard work for deciding on a movie to watch…

#3 Box Set Binge & Lots of Snacks

With the likes of Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime out there, we’ve now got hundreds of box sets at our fingertips! Why not this Valentine’s Day you get lots of crisps, chocolates and biscuits and snuggle down to that box set you’ve always promised yourselves you’d watch?

#4 – Games Night

For the more active and less technology reliant couples out there, why not sit down and play a few games? Getting the likes of monopoly, frustration or even scrabble could provide a few laughs and give you some quality time together. Try a Google search for some ideas and great ways to spend time together. However, depending on how competitive you both are this could be a terrible idea…

Let us know what you have planned this Valentines Day, and good luck if you go for option 4!