Trend: Yellow Colour Pop

‘Yellow Colour Pop’ is a home interior trend that’s really taking off. It focuses on using pops of colour around your living space in order to elevate the mood and add an element of cheeriness to your household. The colour yellow is defined as an emotional colour, in terms of psychology. It symbolises warmth, happiness, optimism, confidence and self-esteem, making it the perfect trend for you to adopt this spring. 

You may be thinking, ‘I don’t want to turn my entire home yellow‘, but don’t be too alarmed. As the name suggests, this trend is centred around using ‘pops’ of colour, which will serve to have a greater overall impact on the interior design of your home.

Using small bursts of yellow on items and furniture will help to draw attention to specific aspects of your room. If you want a certain area to be emphasised, place a yellow ornament or a piece of furniture in the space and this will catch the eyes of your visitors. The yellow sofa in this image is a strong contrast against the white walls so it demands your attention.


The colour yellow has an array of advantages when it is used in decorating.  Not only is it a joyous colour inspiring happiness, yellow can be used to lighten up rooms by mimicking natural sunlight. This means it is the perfect colour to choose for those rooms in your home which get little, if any natural light. This bedroom gets only a small amount, so the owner has painted the wall yellow which you can see brightens up the room by giving the illusion of more light.


Many of the items you need will already be in your home; all it will take is some simple hunting in the loft or the garage. If you’re looking for items to display the pops of colour, paint an old chair for a quirky look and feel.

yellowchairOld furniture can have a really positive impact on your efforts to adopt the trend, but don’t stop there. You could include canvas prints and place these in prominent areas of your home. Additionally, adding a little yellow side lamp will often be enough to bring out the colour.

yellowlampAnother way of incorporating the colour into your home would be to focus on the focal point of your room and make that a pop of colour in itself. For example, you could dress your sofa with yellow cushions or a fleece flow.


Although the trend is concerned with ‘pops’ of colour, that doesn’t mean that painting walls is out of the question. In fact, using yellow paint on the walls can be a really effective way of adopting Yellow Colour Pop. Simply paint  the wall that is most visible and this will make it stand out; the wall will represent another pop of colour.

How others have used Yellow Colour Pop 

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