Monochrome Magic.

Ditch the colour charts and forget about vibrant wallpaper, an old favourite is back. Striking, stylish and ever-so chic, take a cue from the fashion world and decorate your home in this timeless classic. Living with a monochrome interior may not be to everyone’s taste but done right it can create a sophisticated and hugely versatile living space, ensuring a look that will never date.

For those who enjoy a bold effect, decorating all four walls in a monochrome print will give a room a dramatic feel. However with monochrome, the thing to remember is “less is more” – minimalism is key to its success. Allowing one colour to dominate ensures a more comfortable space, not overwhelming the eye and keeping a balance within the room. This more subtle approach can be achieved by creating a feature wall decorating it in a single block colour, perfect for adding a little drama to a room without overwhelming it.

Within your living space, white walls are the perfect canvas for your monochrome theme. Choosing this colour for your walls not only creates the perfect backdrop for your interior but also gives you options if eventually you want a decoration change. In the living room, try a black sofa – leather or fabric – which will be an excellent contrast to the clean walls. The Eternity from our Endurance range would be perfect, the patterned cushions with a splash colour help to break up the black and will give the monochrome theme more impact.


The simple two-tone colour base allows you plenty of scope to play with your room. This is best done through soft furnishings and accessories. Pattern, when used carefully, can bring that extra bit of flair to your interior. Monochrome rugs are an easy way to do this, introducing a little bit of drama without committing you to a more permanent colour scheme. Our Eden Swirl rug, with its black base and striking white swirled pattern will perfectly complement your room.


With lamps think simple. That way, if you ever tire of your black and white theme, you can reuse these items in your new interior. Our Jesmond, Beadnell, and Gosforth floor lamps are perfect for this and will blend seamlessly with any new colour scheme.


Whatever look you choose to opt for, remember that a monochrome design is a bold one and you will need to put some careful thought into how you use your colours and patterns. Monochrome does not have to mean gothic and dark, as long as you truly embrace the use of contrasting black and white your finished look will be one of light and spaciousness.

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