Trend: Glamour

He wants leather – you want glamour. You love each other a lot but you just cannot decide on the sofa you want. He wants leather and you want glamour but who says that you can’t be the king and queen of your own castle? Interior trends predict a glamorous spell on the horizon with all things turning vogue, so it’s the perfect time to match that leather sofa with a more feminine style.
We’re talking leather, hard wood and bright light spaces but how do you compromise on your personal style for the joy of a statement leather sofa? The simple answer is you don’t! You can have both.

sisi  leather sofa

This stunning Napoli leather sofa is high in quality and offers ultimate style, best known for its long-lasting comfort and being a part of the SiSi Italia family. Some leather sofas can look very masculine and it can be hard to inject your personal style into a room with such a statement piece, but worry not, by making a few subtle changes you can create a living space that the both of you will love.

If you want to add a more feminine touch to your leather look then surround your room with lots of light and accessories. Try adding a coffee table to break up your space and use light walls, textured fabric and wall art to add your personal style into the space you love. Matching a leather sofa with soft personal furnishings is a great way for couples to compromise on style and still achieve the look they want.

Adding light can really lift the feel of any room and at ScS we offer a lavish range of Hollywood style floor lamps that compliments the SiSi Italia range beautifully.

lighting  cream leather

SiSi Italia is a popular range at ScS and there are many sofas to choose from in a wide range of colours to fit perfectly in your home. It’s the perfect way to relax after a hard days reign over your kingdom and it’s the perfect range to accessorise around.

Remember… don’t be afraid to add your personality around the leather sofa you love. Alternatively, partnered with dark wood flooring this range turns to sumptuously self-indulging and deserving of the most glamorous homes.


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