There’s nothing quite like that ‘new, new’ smell of a brand new carpet. Updating your flooring can be a simple and cost effective way to freshen up and reinvigorate your home, and with a catalogue full of different styles, patterns and types, we’ve compiled our top tips when it comes to choosing or identifying the perfect flooring.

Farren Murphy, Commercial Manager, said: “It’s good to have an idea of budget and the key requirements of the new flooring, whether it is easy clean or uber luxurious, to help identify the best options and ranges, especially as there’s such an array of flooring choices these days. Following our top tips can help weigh up all the options and determine the best choice for you.”

Choose flooring that suits your lifestyle

When choosing new flooring it’s most important to consider its purpose along with lifestyle needs. For instance, families with young children and people with pets, may have different requirements to a more adult environment.

Flooring has evolved somewhat in recent years and can now cater for every day practicalities such as stain resistance, offered by polypropylene carpets, with stylish colour and pattern options, or easy-clean laminate or vinyl tile, which would be better suited to families and pet owners longer-term.

However, in an adult home, our Isense super soft range would be luxurious and sensory-filled treat under foot for bedrooms and main living spaces. The perfect flooring will be one which suits both your home and your lifestyle.

Carpet, laminate flooring or vinyl

Work out your budget

With so many carpet and flooring options available, it’s possible to get something you love that’s also within your budget. It’s always good to have an idea of what you’re looking to spend as it can help identify best options for you.

Visiting a store will help you determine exactly what’s on offer, and also gives you the chance to ask an assistant about payment options and organise for a flooring surveyor to visit your home to provide a quote.

Make a statement with colours and patterns

From stripes to zig-zags, geo-patterns, different tones and even glittery effects, you can make a real statement with your flooring. Advances in the technology behind carpets have allowed much more choice when it comes to both colour and pattern.

Staircases and hallways are the perfect place to make a fashionable statement and the variety of patterns available means the world is your oyster.

Stainless Wilton, Classic Beige

Make sure it is installed properly

Replacing your underlay and gripper rods at the same time as your carpet will ensure that you have a bounce underfoot, give a smooth finish to your new flooring and, most importantly, will make your carpet last and look better for longer.

A professional floor layer will ensure that the pile runs in the correct way and is tensioned correctly, giving it longer lasting durability.

Take care of your flooring

Keeping your floor as clean as possible is the best way to take care of it, we recommend regular vacuuming for carpets and floors, followed by a ‘once-over’ with a damp mop for laminates. Wiping up and treating spills as soon as they happen will avoid unnecessary stains and damage, especially to wooden floors.

We recommend only using cleaning products that are made specifically for carpets and flooring, as appropriate, including our range of specialised kits available for tackling particular spills and stains.

For areas that see lots of traffic, using a mat or rug can trap dirt and stop it from spreading. We also recommend using floor protectors underneath furniture legs and wheels to prevent scratching and avoid leaving indentations.