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The velvet revolution – how to use velvet in your home

Velvet is a perennial favourite amongst designers, and it has gone into overdrive in this year’s autumn winter collections, both with fashion and interior design.

The super soft, polyester infused material screams luxury, and our interior experts are on hand to tell you how to use velvet to make a shimmering statement in your home this winter.

Velvet sofa

With its naturally cosy feel and snuggling appeal, velvet has been an ideal choice of fabric for decades. The traditional style has received a contemporary update, and velvet is now available in an array of current colour choices and styles, perfect for adding a modern look to your home.

Unlike other fabrics, velvet has the ability to add depth to a room, especially when paired with natural or block colours. With block coloured walls, we suggest choosing a dark velvet sofa such as this Midnight Montreal sofa, which works well with a minimalist approach to make a bold statement in your living room.

Autumn Winter Trends

Montreal 3 Seater Sofa

Lighter coloured velvets such as silver, or our mink Luna sofa collection, are much more adaptable than darker colours. These options work well when paired with accessories or patterned wallpaper, with their light tones being enhanced by their surroundings to create a cosy, warming feel to your home.

Autumn winter 2017

Luna sofa collection

Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains don’t just add a stunning look to your home; they add warmth, a much desired commodity during the Great British winter. For an added thermal layer and a flamboyant fashion statement, full length velvet curtains are a must.

When pairing with a sofa, go for matching or complimenting colours, as the bold nature of velvet can cause contrasting colours to clash and become an eyesore.

Less is more, and if you’re pairing a sofa and curtains together, you may want to opt for minimal accessories, as your stunning fabrics will act as the eye catching features of your room.


Complete the look with a glass topped coffee table. The sleek design of glass coffee and lamp tables make them a perfect complement for shimmering velvet fabrics, adding a modern look to your home. Alternatively, why not go all out with the addition of a velvet footstool?

Autumn winter 2017

Mosaic Coffee Table

For more interior inspirations, why don’t you have a look at our sofas? Each model comes with up to 4 years interest free credit, allowing you to spread the cost of your furniture into affordable monthly payments that suit you. Do you need another excuse?

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