Every family has their own way of doing Christmas Day, but some have weird and wonderful traditions you’d never expect.

We surveyed the nation to find out some of the most popular traditions and revealed almost one in ten (9%) Brits will eat their Christmas dinner sat on the sofa, with nearly a fifth (18%) eating in front of the TV.

It seems the younger generation like to share responsibility of cooking (82%), while one in 10 (9%) have a vegetarian or vegan alternative instead of turkey.

Drinking alcohol in the morning is more popular amongst 35-44-year-olds (24%) however, overall, one in five (20%) Brits say they have a tipple before lunchtime on Christmas Day.

With so many different traditions, we ran a competition to find Britain’s most cherished ones and are pleased to be able to present the winner, Debbie Hoare, with a new Lucy two-seater sofa for her pink Christmas!

You can see her entry below, along with the top 15 entries of Brits’ funny festive traditions.

1. Dreaming of a pink Christmas

Debbie is the real-life Elle Woods it seems, as she decorates her house with pink decorations, wears pink clothes and only serves pink food and drink, such as pink macaroons and pink champagne. She also adds pink food colouring when baking sponges and pastries to make Christmas treats like pink mince pies! The family even sing Christmas carols and songs like ‘White Christmas’ and change the lyrics to ‘pink’ Christmas.

(Debbie Hoare, Guildford)

2. Child or Turkey?

This family have a funny tradition with their children of putting them on the table and pretending to eat them along with the dinner: “We always pretend to the children that we need more than the turkey and that they taste just as good! They laugh in hysterics each year.”

(Becky Lain, Norwich)

3. BBQ Turkey

This family utilise all cooking equipment for the big meal, despite the chill and roast the turkey outside on the BBQ.

(Nigel McGee, Oxshott)

4. Bursting into Christmas

Rachel ensures her children really jump into Christmas by covering the door to her living room: “I always wrap up the door to our front room so that the kids wake up on Christmas morning and have to crash through it to see what Santa has left them! The children love it, and it stops them peeking before I get up!”

(Rachel Rodgers, Chelmsford)

5. Outdoor cooking

Darren cooks his veg on the rocket stove outside and claims it to be great fun!

(Darren Sharp, Birmingham)

6. So extra!

Lisa’s family has a funny tradition of opening their presents wearing random additions to their outfits: “In this picture we are wearing fake piercings and this year we all have to wear wigs!”

(Lisa Rickard, Windsor)

7. A traditional twig

Sally says her parents couldn’t afford a Christmas tree when she was growing up, which sparked this wholesome tradition to remind them of how far they have come: “My dad collected a twig and painted it white for snow and hung it on the wall. Now we all to do the same thing!”

(Sally Cook, Solihull)

8. Designer doggy

Sheena has a tradition of always taking her daughter’s dog a new Christmas bandana.

(Sheena Batey, Shrewsbury)

9. Christmas crackers

Vicky started the tradition of a giant cracker for her daughters: “Every year we make and hang a giant Christmas cracker on our ceiling and fill it with surprise gifts and confetti for our girls. We normally wait till Christmas evening to pull it, so it adds to the excitement.”

(Vicky Hawkins, Colchester)

10. Puppy pictures

Ruth and her family take pictures with their pooch each Christmas: “We have a photoshoot every year with my lovely dog Marcel, who is 17!”

(Ruth Cass, Liverpool)

11. Christmas at the beach

Denise and her husband spend their Christmas at the beach, refusing to let the cold stop them. “We go to the beach every Christmas day and we have my homemade pork pie and share a bottle of champagne. We have done this for the last 20 years!”

(Denise Lee, Whitby)

12. Christmas Cake Bake

Sue’s Christmas tradition is all about getting creative: “Every year we make a cake based on our favourite Christmas movie, Christmas TV advert or Christmas card we have received! Our latest one is from the movie Elf and my girls loved making the Snowman & The Narwhal!”

(Sue Stoddart, Durham)

13. Stockings full of sprouts

You’ve heard of the classic clementine in the stocking, but Paige and family go one better, and all put sprouts in their stockings!

(Paige Challinor, Clynderwen)

14. Beans on roast

Alongside the traditional Christmas roast dinner, one family has a tradition of adding baked beans to their plates.

(Maddie Warne, Bristol)

15. Mix and match food

An accident turned into a traditional dish for Michelle and family: “By accident one year we mixed chicken and oxtail soup together and since then we do it every year for starter, since 1985.”

(Michelle Rose, Rugeley)

Which of these traditions would you get on board with? If you eat your Christmas dinner on the sofa, make sure it is enjoyed in comfort and style with our range of sofas on sale now!