If you could pick any celebrity in the world to be your flatmate, who would it be? We were curious to find out who you wouldn’t mind sharing your sofa, TV and even your bathroom with, so we conducted a survey to discover who the nation’s favourite celebrity flatmate is.

We know so much more about celebs these days, thanks to the likes of Instagram and Snapchat giving us the inside scoop on their everyday lives. We know what they eat for breakfast, how they spend their days out of the spotlight, and even who they like to party with. With so little left untold, our decisions are more informed than ever. Would we rather live with Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift? Keep on reading to find out!

What exactly does the nation look for in a celebrity flatmate? Even though they’re celebs, they still have to meet certain requirements.

For those in Northern Ireland, being a great cook is a big deal. 50% of those surveyed rated this as an important trait, and we can see why. Imagine having dessert cooked by Mary Berry every night… we certainly wouldn’t complain, even if our waistlines do get bigger!

Interestingly, over a third (40%) said they would spend a day on the sofa watching box sets, showing that a quiet night in is key for almost half of those surveyed.

Knowing how to throw a good party is key for our celeb flatmates if they plan on moving to Northern England, with 34.3% of surveyed participants flagging this as important. Having a sense of mischievousness is vital too in the North East and, in fact, with the nation’s residents who are 65 and over! 47.2% of them think a sense of mischief is the solution to the perfect flatmate, while a further 42% of 65 year olds require the celeb to throw a cracking dinner party to qualify.

The most popular celeb flatmate is actually a double act, and Ant and Dec came out on top with 144 votes. Their mischievous nature and ability to throw a good party were their most attractive qualities, and of course we’d definitely love to quiz them about their time in the jungle.

Jennifer Aniston ranked highly too, and 31.5% of her voters put the decision down to her cleanliness. 33.3% think she’d be a funny drunk and after such a long stint on Friends, we suppose we already have a good idea of what it’s like to live with Rachel Green! Taylor Swift wasn’t at the top of the nation’s list, but she didn’t rank too badly. She was most popular in Bristol, and with 18 to 24 year olds.

It’s bad news, however, for Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Katie Hopkins. Even though she could teach us how to take a great selfie, Kim K is assumed to be too selfish by 65.8% of those who gave her the worst flatmate vote. 75.8% of voters who placed Katie Hopkins as the worst celeb put it down to her outspoken nature. By the look of her Twitter feed, we can’t imagine the conversation over dinner would be too pleasant either.