The festive season is a truly magical month for children as they get caught up in the magic of Santa, stockings and decorations, but nothing quite puts you in the mood like a classic Christmas film, as your curl up on the sofa on a cold winter’s night.

Narrowing down an endless list of the season’s best films wasn’t easy, but we’ve given it our best, so here goes:

  1. Elf

Will Ferrell’s man child character could not be more suited to this Christmas classic. Cast as a naive human raised by elves, Ferrell finds himself searching for his real father is the cynical modern day New York – not the ideal place for a Santa worshipping, overgrown child! As far as Christmas films go, Elf is like no other; a true comedy classic and the legendary Will Ferrell at his absolute best.

  1. The Grinch

The Grinch is pretty much the complete opposite of Elf – a cynical man in a Christmas obsessed town! With Jim Carey cast as The Grinch in the prime of his career, this was always going to be a hit, but it’s fair to say it has gone on to achieve classic status, as he schemes his way into trying to ruin Christmas for the whole town.

  1. Home Alone

A film that’s shown on TV every Christmas, Home Alone is a family Christmas classic filled with slapstick comedy and the clever mind of an eight year old kid who out foxes two experienced bandits with military style precision. The moral of the story – don’t mess with a child who’s been left at home alone!

  1. The Muppet’s Christmas Carroll

Playing the miserly Christmas pantomime villain Ebenezer Scrooge is a difficult task at the best of times, but when you’re surrounded by the entire Muppet’s cast, it really is a tall order. With slapstick humour, quick wit and classic Muppet’s one liners, the cast slowly add some Christmas spirit into Scrooge, who is brilliantly portrayed by Michael Caine.

  1. The Snowman

With our involvement in the Great North Snowdog’s trail this year, we couldn’t really leave this classic out, could we?! Nominated for an Oscar upon its release, The Snowman is a children’s classic that has been shown on TV for over 30 years. With classic music, a whimsical tale and a story of innocence, this is one for families with young children.

As the rain and winds bounce off the windows, get yourself cosy on your sofa with some delicious treats and keep the whole family entertained with one of these classic Christmas films.