Sunday roasts, the cornerstone of the Great British family meal, and one so delicious that we very rarely stray from the tried and trusted.

With help from some of the top chefs around, here are some exciting recipes to help give your Sunday Roast that extra oomph:

The classic roast chicken (Jamie Oliver)

This healthy roast chicken with roast potatoes and carrots is a perfect option for the whole family. Cooking this scrumptious option is easy. All you need to get started is carrots, potatoes, garlic, rosemary, olive oil, fresh thyme, a lemon and a whole chicken. The beauty of cooking the whole bird means you’ll have leftovers that can be used to make meals later in the week. Sound good? See the full recipe here.


Rosemary and Garlic Roast Beef (Olivia Mesquita)

Roast beef is truly an all year round dish, unlike many of the other options associated with a Sunday Roast. To make this, all you’ll need is fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, mushrooms, a beef joint and a cup of stock. This dish is easy to make and requires just an hour and a half in the oven at a low heat, leaving you with a beautiful, tender piece of meat. Find the full recipe here.


Spiced butterflied leg of lamb (Angela Boggiano)

This tender dish offers a slightly different option to the other meats we have discussed, for one big reason – its barbequed. That’s right, a barbequed Sunday Roast! What more could you want?! With a mix of fresh herbs such as coriander, mint, parsley and thyme, this charcoal delight can be paired with roast potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables to create a delicious meal the whole family will enjoy. See the full recipe here.


Roast pork with cracking and roasted apples (Delia Smith)

Nothing quite says autumn like roast pork with crackling and roasted apples, and this heart-warming feast will keep you going all day. With just seven ingredients, this is extremely easy to make and you’ll probably have a number of the ingredients in the house already, such as flour, salt, pepper and onions. Find the full recipe here.


The vegetarian option (Mary Berry)

Sunday dinners can be a tricky situation for veggies, but this wholesome nut roast is packed full of flavour and is guaranteed to be a real winner for vegetarians. With a wide range of ingredients, this one may take slightly more preparation that some of the meat dishes listed above, but it will definitely be worth it. Find the full recipe here.


With such a vast selection of delicious food on offer, we know you’ll be stuffed after eating whatever option you choose. With a full belly and work in the morning, the sofa will be calling and you’ll deserve to sprawl out and relax in style before getting up for work on Monday.