Bold, bright and daring sofas.

Beige sofas are a thing of the past and no longer does your sofa have to blend in. A statement sofa is the focal point of any room and can be a conversation starter as well as a real fashion statement. Sofas today come in so many different colours, styles and deigns that the market is now full of wacky and bold designs.

A common consensus is that you accessorise with colour around your sofa, i.e. painting one wall a bold colour or accessorising with bright lamps. But why not use your sofa as the main point of colour for your room and filter out more neutral tones on your walls and furnishings. Your lounge is the heart of the home so why not make it the most attractive and creative room in the house.
Statement doesn’t always mean bright and over the top colours and designs. A statement sofa can come in the form of a striking style, a certain fabric or an attractive pattern.

At ScS we have a range of sofas that are true statements. Our top picks for bold patterns are the Jessica, the Crocus and the Rose.

Jessica_3U_webCrocus_2_Lifestyle_02rose-large-sofa-Crocus_2_Lifestyle_02Pattern not your thing? Here are our top picks for bold colours.

Dorset_3_Lifestyle_newDallas_3_Seater_2_WEBHere are our top picks for true statement pieces that don’t need a pattern or colour to stand out; they create a statement all on their own.


A statement sofa brings character into your home and brings a unique feature to your lounge, creating a focal point as well as giving you comfort. So, vamp up your sofa, tone down your walls and create a room you love.


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