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Spring Clean Your House: Tips & Tricks

Spring Clean Your House: Tips and Tricks

March 1st officially marked the start of spring and although the weather might still be chilly, days are getting longer and the sun is starting to make an appearance. While most people get the re-decorating bug around this time of year, a simple spring clean will leave your home gleaming and looking as good as new. We’ve rounded up some easy tips and tricks to spring clean your house, just in time for the summer months.

Clean Fabrics

Cushion covers and throws can start to look a bit worse for wear, so start by removing any covers, throws and mats, giving them a deep clean. Do this first, so while they are whirling away in the washing machine you can get on with other tasks and they’ll be the finishing touches to your hard work. Any curtains should ideally be washed twice a year, so it’s perfect timing to give them a new lease of life in time for summer.

Always Work Your Way Down

For any shelving units and cupboards, always start from the highest point to avoid any dirt falling down and undoing all of your efforts. Get rid of any lingering grime with a feather duster or polish and give shelves a once over with the vacuum to ensure all dirt and germs are banished.

Gleaming Windows

In the summer months, marks and dirt are more noticeable on windows due to light flooding in and there’s nothing worse than looking at dirty windows. Every few months give glass a thorough clean with specialised products or a homemade recipe of vinegar and water – one part vinegar and one part water – to leave your windows gleaming.


Store Away Unwanted Clutter

As much as we try to keep our homes as clutter free as possible, sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially if there are small children running around the house. Now is the best time to have a spring clear out; anything that doesn’t get used throw out or send to a charity shop, if not look for handy storage solutions. Our Bayeux Large Sideboard, crafted using solid French oak, is only £499 and oozes country chic – the perfect stylish storage solution.


Give Fabric and Leather Sofas a Once Over

Make sure your sofa is left looking in pristine condition with regular care, before cleaning have a look at our handy guide to leather sofa repair to avoid any damage. Fabric sofas can easily be cleaned with vacuums and specialised cleaning products to remove any surface dirt, whereas leather sofas require a bit of extra TLC. Remove any marks with a damp cloth and gently vacuum any dust or dirt, and for any damage repair with recommended leather care products.


Fresh Bedding

There’s nothing better after a long day than getting into bed with fresh sheets to ensure a good night’s sleep. We’re all guilty of not changing our sheets regularly, but dirt and dead skin cells can build up on pillows, resulting in blemishes. Give all of your sheets a fresh clean regularly and take advantage of the warmer weather, leaving sheets to air dry outside.

A Few Little Finishing Touches…

  • Give carpets and wood floors a thorough clean
  • Pack away any winter clothes and shoes that won’t be needed to free up space
  • Invest in a few affordable accessories and fresh flowers to spruce up individual rooms
  • Clear out any food past its sell by date to create more space in cupboards, it’s amazing how much stuff we hoard without realising
  • Blow away any remaining cobwebs with the vacuum and your house will left looking fresh in time for summer


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