At ScS we understand not everyone has the luxury or time to go to the gym everyday due to work, family or financial constraints. The NHS advise all adults to do some physical activity every day!

But there’s no need to give up all hope just yet – you can still squeeze that important workout in without leaving your home, or even leaving your sofa in fact!

Utilise time wasted waiting for food to cook or make the most out of ITV advert breaks by practising our ‘Sofacise’ exercises. These four fantastic moves have been created with the help of Shaun O’Brien, personal trainer at Fitternotfatter. All you need to get started is yourself, a lot of enthusiasm and a sofa. Practice each move three to four times every week and you’ll find your body will feel better in no time at all!


Ideal for: working quads, glutes and hamstrings

Reps: 10-20


How to: to start, sit on the edge of your sofa and place your feet firmly on the floor, hip-width apart. Stand up, then bend your knees until you feel your bum lightly touch the edge of the sofa. Repeat, making sure your back remains straight at all times.

Finding squats difficult? If you’re struggling to keep your balance, hold onto a nearby table or chair to help you keep steady.

Press Ups

Ideal for: working triceps and pecs

Reps: 10-20


How to: use the sofa for balance, and place your hands on the edge of the seat, facing the floor. Keep your back straight and extend your legs so you’re resting on your toes. Press up and down, making sure to tighten your abs to fully engage the core.

Need some help? If a full press up is proving too difficult, do a half press by moving down onto your knees and repeating the action.s

Tricep Dips

Ideal for: working Triceps

Reps: 10-20


How to: face away from the sofa and place your hands shoulder-width apart onto the arm. Stretch your legs out, feet flat on the floor, and bend your elbows to push up and down. Remember, it’s vital to keep your head up and your back straight!

Make things easier: bend your knee and do smaller dips if you’re finding things difficult. You’ll slowly build up your strength and be able to move onto the full tricep dip.

Knee Raises

Ideal for: working quads and stomach

Reps: 10-20


How to: sit on the edge of the sofa, legs outstretched. Keep your legs raised off the ground, and raise one knee to your chest. Return the leg to its original position and repeat with the other leg.

Remember: make sure you sit in a stable position. If you’re too close to the edge you risk falling forwards as you raise your knees.

A big thanks to our fitness expert, Shaun from Fitternotfatter, for helping us make the most out of our time on the sofa!  And don’t forget, you know your own body best. Shaun has reminded us about the importance of acknowledging your own limitations. Start out slow and steady, and build up your fitness routine over time.

If you do have any concerns or health issues that may affect your ability to exercise, make sure you consult a GP before exercising.