From its premiere in 2005, How I Met Your Mother confirmed itself as the rightful heir to Friends, with a mixture of quick wit and outrageous tales that captured audiences far and wide.

Narrated by hopeless romantic Ted Mosby, the series proved to be more about the journey than the destination, as Ted delivered a long winded tail to his children about how he met their mother.

The tale was filled with brilliant original comedy and some of these brilliant moments came from our favourite place – the sofa! Here is our top five ‘sofa moments’ from How I Met Your Mother:

Ted and Marshall / Lilly Robin sword fight

Having picked up a set of ‘antique swords’ when they first moved into their New York apartment, Ted and Marshall comes to blows when deciding who should keep the swords when Marshall is moving out. And, to settle it, they went with the only logical option…. a sword fight on the sofa!

Barney’s 300 inch flat screen TV

Never one to do things by half, Barney Stinson has really gone to town with his TV. This 300 inch flat screen TV is quite frankly ridiculous, but does make some great comedy as he watches TV from his sofa with Lily.


After winning a ‘slap bet’ with Barney, Marshall has the right to slap Barney five times. The slaps do not need to take place in one go, and Marshall makes the most of this by saving them for times when Barney least expects them. All except one… the last slap. After creating a ‘slap countdown for Thanksgiving, Marshall fills Barney with fear before eventually getting him while he shivers on the sofa!

Game night

Known for his classic board game inventions, Marshall creates a special game designed to interrogate Ted’s new girlfriend Victoria, and humiliates her in the process. Despite his best efforts, Victoria takes it in good spirit and Barney is the one who ends up with egg on his face.


When interventions start to become too frequent, there’s only one thing to do – have an ‘intervention intervention.’ After staging interventions for novelty hats, English accents and Barney dressing up like an old man, they become so frequent that they lose all credibility, and an ‘intervention intervention’ is the only way to solve it!

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