The Great North Snowdog’s trail has finally come to an end, and we were very proud to have been part of a hugely successful campaign that raised much needed funds and awareness for St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice.

Our Snowdog (Dog on the Tyne) stood proudly at the Angel of the North throughout the trail, with thousands of people coming to pay him a special visit.

With the trail now over, DonTy who was designed by highly decorated artist Jane Headford, now enters into the next chapter of his life, following the Great North Snowdogs auction.

Over 9000 people attended the auction on Tuesday 6th December at the Sage, Gateshead, raising a total of £259,200 for St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice, and the event has been hailed as one of the most successful mass participation events the North East has ever seen.

With so many people bidding to take a Snowdog home, competition was fierce, but we’re very proud to announce that we have won the race for DonTy, securing him for £4,000.

DonTy’s new forever home will be our head office reception in the North East… after we do some rearranging, of course!

Our Corporate Service Director, Marie Liston, who attended the auction said: “It’s been an absolute privilege to be involved in this brilliant project, supporting St Oswald’s Hospice, an inspirational organisation. From the moment we first met DonTy, the team here at ScS knew that after the event we wanted to bring him home, with the bonus of being able to give more in support of St Oswald’s.”

As well as securing our own Snowdog, we are happy to announce that we, along with a number of other businesses across the North East, have contributed towards buying Wild North East, designed by the children of St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice, which will be donated back to the hospice for the children.

“We’re also proud to have contributed to St Oswald’s bid to bring their Snowdog home, Wild North East. DonTy, will be a lasting reminder for the ScS team of a unique project for a unique organisation, as will Wild North East to the children of St Oswald’s.”

As well as raising funds, the event was a huge success on social media, with more than 11,000 people downloading the Great North Snowdog’s app – unlocking around 155,000 Snowdogs in the process. On top of this, at least 280,000 people, shared and interacted with the St Oswald’s Hospice social media sites each week.

Along with this, each Snowdog had their own individual Twitter account, with the pack regularly interacting with each other and with members of the public. Dog on the Tyne had a particularly busy Twitter account, amassing more followers than any other dog in the pack!

We are extremely proud to have played such a big role in this incredibly successful event, and we can’t wait for DonTy to join us at head office and we’re sure he’s going to become part of the furniture.