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The Sienna by ScS

One of our most popular sofas – this two-tone sofa is made from 100% genuine leather and comes with power and manual reclining mechanisms, so that you can achieve the ultimate in comfort every day.


The Sienna is made up of 100% corrected grain leather. Corrected grain leather is made by using hides that are tougher and usually have imperfections within the material from the outset. This negative is cleverly turned into a positive as the leather is then buffed to remove the imperfections, leaving you with durable, tougher leather.   Although corrected grain leather is not as soft as other types of leather, it has a coated finish and this limits the amount of colour-fade over time that you are likely to see with other varieties, such aniline leather.

Corrected grain leather is a great choice if you are looking for a material for your sofa that is hard-wearing, has a uniformed feel and is easy to clean.  This makes it a desirable option for busy family homes with pets and children; if there is a spillage, the pigmented finish will normally hold a liquid on the surface long enough for you to be able to wipe the leather clean with a damp cloth. Only use ScS recommended cleaning products otherwise this may affect your statutory rights and guarantee.


The Sienna uses a bold two-tone styling effect which helps to create a feel of modernity and contrast, bringing extra character to your room.  The simple styling of the sofamakes it easy for you to place it in a room with similar colour schemes and the colours used go nicely with laminate or wood flooring. Although the pictured Sienna is of the white and black variety, there are other colours to choose from at no extra cost. The Sienna will complement most contemporary living rooms, given its modern feel and look.



The seat cushions of the Sienna were designed with comfort in mind. They are foam filled which helps to provide extra support, durability and snugness. The back cushions are fibre filled and this also adds additional comfort and support. Whether you’re resting, sleeping, sitting or sharing, you’ll notice the plump and sumptuous arm rests, the cushioned seats and the beautiful style.

In addition to the comfortable seating, the Sienna comes as a power or manual recliner sofa, giving you more choice and allowing you to upgrade on comfort should you wish to.



The Sienna range varies between two and three-seater sofas, with the ability to choose optional extras such as power or manual recliners. In addition to the sofas, ScS offer a footstool, twister chair and I Wave Unit (so that you can charge your phone or play music).







You need not break the bank in order to afford the type of luxury offered by the Sienna. The two-seater manual recliner model starts at a fair £799.00, or you can always choose to pay by finance, interest free, over four years.


To view the Sienna ranges please click here.

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