The Big Bang Theory turns ten this year, so to celebrate we polled the public in search of the top five funniest sofa moments throughout TV history.

Speaking of how sofas contribute to some of our favourite TV shows’ funniest moments, David Bryan of the British Film Design Guild commented: ‘Of all the furniture in a frame, the sofa informs us of the history of the scene – you can take a blank room, choose the right sofa for the story and the rest of the room will follow.’

With ten years’ worth of entertainment, much of which centres around the sofa, it is no surprise The Big Bang Theory took the top spot in the ScS poll, with a scene from the pilot episode.

Sheldon Cooper is very protective of his spot on this sofa, and the scene sees him explain to new neighbour Penny why he can’t simply ‘sit somewhere else.’ His spot is ‘close enough to the radiator’ in winter, the perfect position for a ‘cross breeze’ in summer and also the ‘perfect angle’ to watch the TV from.

Also high on the list of the public’s favourite moments was the infamous ‘Pivot!’ from Friends. The scene, from the episode ‘‘The One with the Cop’, sees Ross, Rachel and Chandler attempt to manoeuvre a sofa up the apartment stairs while Ross advises the group to ‘Pivot!’ repeatedly.

Other moments in the top five include:

The one with the nap partners:

Ross and Joey discover they have the best sleep while napping together on the sofa, but are left very red-faced when the rest of the group discover them.

Mr Bean driving on an armchair:

After discovering he can’t fit everything in his car and drive it, Mr Bean places an armchair on the roof and drives from there instead.

Frasier tries to replace his dad’s chair:

Frasier gets fed up when his dad moves in with his battered armchair, so he goes shopping for a fancy new chair with a built in Swedish massage feature.

Commenting on the results of the poll, David Bryan, production designer and member of the British Film Design Guild, said: “Old, faded but cherished, smart, leather, aspirational or a bad choice, you can take a blank room, choose the right sofa for the story and the rest of the room will follow. It’s a back story, but it grounds the scene.”

ScS managing director Kevin Royal added: “We loved hearing about the nation’s favourite TV sofa moments. The sofa is the heart of the home, so it was no surprise to see it playing such a pivotal part in some our most well-loved TV shows’ funniest moments.

“We definitely had a good laugh reading about the nation’s favourites, and were not surprised to see Sheldon’s sofa spot rant and Friends’ Pivot moment coming out on top!”