Bonfire night is almost here, and to help you celebrate a night dedicated to bonfires and fireworks, we’ve searched the web and come up with five of our favourite bonfire night recipes.

Catherine wheel toad in the hole with honey and mustard onions

Just like the fire work, this dish will create a spark in your home on bonfire night. With a small number of ingredients needed to make this delicious dish, it is easy to make and can be made in advance, and heated up when you get in from work. Perfect for a cold autumn evening, this combination of sausages and Yorkshire pudding in a coiled design is sure to be a family hit. See full recipe here (BBC Good Food).


Jamie’s Meatloaf

Once again, we’re looking at a warming dish on an autumn night, and this delicious meatloaf will really hit the spot. No one is more confident of that than Jamie Oliver himself: “A good meatloaf with freshly made tomato sauce is great comfort food. It’s made along similar lines to meatballs and burgers, and trust me – anyone who tries it will love this just as much.” See full recipe here (Jamie Oliver).


Sticky maple and mustard pulled pork wraps recipe

Time is vital for this tasty option. Cooked slow, eaten quickly. With five hours in the oven, pulled pork is not an afterthought, but once it’s ready, you’ll really appreciate it. The slow cooking time makes the meat tender and succulent and lets the maple and mustard marinade work its magic, making for a filling dish before you to go watch the fireworks. See full recipe here (Tesco Real Food).


Baked apples

Enough of the evening meals – bring on the sweet stuff! These sweet sensations could not be easier to make, and will go down a treat with the whole family. With minimal preparation time and just four ingredients needed to make these autumn gems, bonfire night won’t be the only time you make them! See full recipe here (NetMums).


Yorkshire Parkin Cake

Traditionally eaten on bonfire night to celebrate (Yorkshireman) Guy Fawkes’ failure to blow up the houses of parliament, parkin cake is an easy to make, soft, sticky delight that will go down very well. Although the cake can be eaten straight away, it gets stickier if wrapped and left for a few days. The other beauty of the cake is it keeps well in an airtight tin and can be eaten as a cake or warm as a pudding with a dollop of custard. See full recipe here (British Food).


After a night of delicious food and fireworks, you’ll want nothing more than to curl up on the sofa watching one of the great new autumn box sets!