Check out these record breaking sofas and see that there is more to a sofa than meets the eye.

Longest Sofa

Designed and created by a collection of manufacturers in Sykkylven Norway, the world’s longest sofa measures in at an incredible 2,920ft and 2 inches. Made of environmentally friendly materials, the sofa sits 1,500 people. Revealed at a local event, the sofa was assembled in only 47 minutes and was set up across the Sykkylvsbrua Bridge which spans the Sykkylven Fjord in Norway. Thousands turned up to see and even test out the sofa. We wonder if it was comfy.

Most Expensive Sofa

World famous architect Ron Arad designed the world’s most expensive sofa made entirely of stainless steel. Priced at a whopping $300,000 it was just a tad more expensive than the sofa us regular folk sit on. The piece was so spectacular that in 2009 it was put on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

expensive sofa

Length of Time Sat on a Sofa

It is estimated that the average Briton spends a staggering 49 hours a week sitting on the sofa. In 2004 however, one woman took it a step further all in the name of charity. Braving torrential rain, thunder and lightning, Karen Sullivan a pub chef from Cheltenham, spent a record breaking 120 hours sat on a sofa outside the pub where she worked. She was however, allowed a ten minute break every 4 hours in order to wash, stretch and use the bathroom. Gives a whole new meaning to couch potato!

Most People Sat on a Sofa

This record, set by will probably surprise you. Using a 3 seater black leather sofa, they managed to fit an astonishing 60 people and a dog on it. The record was only achievable by removing the back cushions and getting participants to sit on their arms. Sounds… snug.

How many people can you fit on your sofa?

Fastest Sofa

The World Record for the fastest sofa was originally set in May 2007. Marek Turowski raced his sofa down a 60 meter road at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in Leicestershire breaking the land speed record of 92mph. Of course the sofa had an engine attached to the back and it also came complete with a desk fastened to the front with a book, potted plant and a cup stuck on it!

Turowski’s record was broken in 2011 by Australian Glenn Suter. At an organised event at Camden Airport in New South Wales, Suter was able to get his motorised sofa up to an astonishing 101.3mph!

Maybe it’ll catch on. Just think, next time you’re driving down the motorway you might see one of our sofa’s speeding past!

fastest sofa