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Pets in the Home: Protecting Your Sofa

Pets in the Home: Protecting Your Sofa

It’s National Pet Month and in the UK, that’s big news as we continue to care for our 24 million pets – but many of us, besotted with love and affection for our furry friends, forget to care for our furniture too.

We’ve put together this pet-friendly guide, so you can care for your furry friends and protect your sofa at the same time.

It’s important to remember that your pet, whether it is a cat, dog or something else, needs something to keep them occupied, when pets get bored, they’re more likely to cause damage to your furniture and home.

Although we consider our pets to be relatively harmless, it helps to remember that they are predatory hunters by nature, so their claws and teeth  need to be especially sharp in order to stand a good chance at surviving. That’s why your sofa may become clipped over time as pet claws get stuck in the sofa fibres causing them to rip.

Make It Fun


When you’re away from the house, your pets may get lonely and that leads to boredom.

Suggestions: Try installing a cat flap as this will allow your cat to come and go as it pleases, meaning it’s less likely to become bored and start damaging your furniture. If you have a dog, try taking them for a longer morning walk to tire them out – leave toys around so that your dog can play with those instead of the fabric on your armchair.

If it’s already too late for your sofa, why not check out our Endurance range? They’re perfect for busy homes with kids and pets. View them here.

Don’t Make Leaving Such a Big Deal


In a nutshell, animals get to know our routines well – they know when it’s time to go for a walk, when to expect food and more importantly, what happens at the front door. If you create lots of fuss when you arrive home, your pet – mainly dogs – will expect fuss each and every time you leave the house. It is when an animal, or dog, is emotionally charged, that  people tend to experience the negative behaviour – this can involve chewing, biting and scratching.

Suggestions: Avoid creating a fuss when you enter and leave the house – give it around five minutes before you fuss your pet (we know it’s hard, but it’s for the best!) Read more here.

Regular Cleaning is Essential


Dogs and cats continually leave and enter your home throughout the day, and they don’t take their shoes off at the door either. It is therefore necessary to regularly clean your sofas as this will prevent a build up of pet fur and other particles that not only damage your sofa, but make it look especially untidy. We recommend using a link roller on your sofas as this is a really effective way to remove pet fur and hair.

rubbergloves However, if your pet is a serial molter, a lint roll may not be economical. Instead, pop on some marigolds, moisten lightly with warm water (making sure they are not soaking wet) and put the gloves on. Next, vigorously wipe the areas which are covered in fur and wa-lah – the fur should stick to the gloves. Rinse and repeat.

For an even more thorough clean, why not use our tried and tested sofa care kits? Simply call 0800 731 0048 for more information.

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