From Sheldon’s spot to Penny’s wine infused sofa, The Big Bang Theory has had more than its fair share of hilarious scenes revolving around a sofa. Here’s our top five sofa moments from everyone’s favourite groups of nerds:

You’re in my spot! Sheldon’s OCD has created a decade worth of comedy, starting from the very first episode which aired in September 2007. His fear of change had ensured that everything in his life had remained consistent for the previous number of years, but everything changed the day Penny moved in across the hall:

When you’ve got a flatmate who takes obsessive compulsive disorder to a whole new level, the last thing you want to do is let your clumsy neighbour near a paintball gun in your apartment. If you are going to be that irresponsible, make sure you keep the gun away from Sheldon’s spot on the sofa!

Sheldon’s lifelong obsession with cleanliness has ensured he has done everything in his power to stay clear of germs, so imagine his outrage when he finds out that Penny’s comfy new armchair was found on the street!

After going to space, Howard was given his own parking space at the university, but not just any space – Sheldon’s space! A tit for tat war pursued, with Howard eventually attacking Sheldon’s OCD and hitting him where it hurts most – his spot on the sofa:

Bazinga punk, now we’re even! When it comes to pranks, Sheldon puts his heart and soul into both planning and delivery. No one is more patient or determined not to be outdone by his friends than Sheldon, and this one is no different, but this may also be the one time Sheldon doesn’t notice Leonard sitting in his spot on the sofa:

These are just a few of our favourites, but one thing is clear: the importance of a quality sofa is unquestionable, so make sure you choose carefully! Our sofa buying guide is filled with expert advice to help you choose the right sofa for your lifestyle.