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Our Favourite TV sofa moments – Friends

From Central Perk’s permanently reserved, iconic orange sofa to Joey and Chandler’s barcaloungers, Friends has seen its fair share of sofa moments. Here are our favourite sofa moments from the timeless 90s sitcom:

The one with Rachel’s phone number

After winning the race to rent ‘Ugly Naked Guy’s’ apartment, the inside of Ross’ apartment remains a mystery, except for his brown leather sofa, which provided us the most awkward man date of all time between Mike and Ross:

The one where Rosita dies

From bromance to Baywatch, Joey and Chandler’s barcaloungers were the ultimate symbol of their relationship, so when Rachel broke Joey’s chair all hell broke loose, until she replaced it with the La-Z-Boy e-recliner 3000!

The one with the cop

PIVOT! After refusing the pay the delivery charge when buying a new sofa, Ross thought it wiser to deliver his own sofa. Despite the help of Rachel and Chandler and continuous repetition of the word ‘pivot’, it all ended in disaster from Ross’ new sofa!

The one where no one’s ready

‘I’m Chandler, could I be wearing any more clothes?!’ When it comes to the best seat in the house, don’t mess with Joey and don’t take the cushion with you when you leave the room. He will get you back in the most unusual of ways!

The one with nap partners

We’ve already touched on the bromance between Joey and Chandler, but when Joey and Ross fall asleep together on Ross’ sofa and claim it was the ‘best nap ever’, an unusual new napping trend is set in motion, before they are eventually caught red handed.

These are just a few of our favourites, but one thing is clear: the importance of a quality sofa is unquestionable, so make sure you choose carefully! Our sofa buying guide is filled with expert advice to help you choose the right sofa for your lifestyle.

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