The Sofa. Everyone’s favourite seat in the house. It’s there for you when your favourite TV show starts. It’s there for you after a long day when you simply cannot stand anymore. It’s there for you when there simply aren’t enough beds for your child’s sleepover.

It provides somewhere soft to sit while you drink your morning coffee. It provides a place for romance, love; a place to relax with friends and have fun. Some of the most important conversations you have will be held on the sofa. So how did the sofa come to be?

It’s thought that the sofa was invented around 2000BC in Ancient Egypt. A sofa of this era would be a lot less comfortable, certainly not padded and would not contain any springs. Of course since then, many changes have been introduced, such as better fabrics and springs for added comfort. We are now in the era of what is known as ‘Modern Contemporary’, where many new sofas are characterised by their contemporary look and extra comfort.

On average, your trusty sofa will be witness to around 300 arguments in its lifetime. It will also be used as a make-shift bed, for up to 489 visitors and will see 293 girly nights in. In addition, about sixty pence of your hard-earned cash will be swallowed up each month by your sofa – that’s around £56 in its lifetime!

Whether you are a shift worker, full-time mum or a career-driven singleton, we all have the need for a comfortable sofa when we get home. We deserve that comfort. That’s why ScS uses top quality materials from a range of trusted suppliers. Isn’t it about time you reinvested in your comfort?

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