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Mother’s Day is your day

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, you’ll be seeing lots of posts about how to treat your mum on Sunday 11th March. But what if you’re a mum? There’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself – and with our list of Mother’s Day treats, you’ll have the most relaxing day.

Early Morning

Up with the kids so a lie in and breakfast in bed is a no go? Don’t worry – this cliché start to Mother’s Day can be a nice treat (as long as the kids don’t “cook”), but what we have planned is better.

Firstly, distract the children: toys, colouring in, books – whatever you can think of! Then get your cosiest blanket, put your favourite movie on, grab a delicious breakfast and a mug of hot chocolate, and snuggle down.

Mother's Day


As lunchtime rolls around, and everyone starts to get hungry, turn cooking into a family event. If your children are old enough, set them away peeling or chopping.

For younger children, getting them to lay the table is a great way to include them in the dinner process. For an extra touch, ask them to create special crowns for everyone at the table – of course, mums deserve the biggest and best crowns around!

Mothers Day 2018


Once the kids are in bed, you may feel like hopping into bed too, but the best part of Mother’s Day is yet to come.

Mums get very little time to themselves, so even a bubble bath can be the escape they desperately deserve. The plan?

  1. Get someone to be on the look-out for the kids waking up
  2. Grab a bath bomb or bubble bath
  3. Set up Spotify on your phone with soothing music
  4. Run the most relaxing bath ever

Mothers Day 2018

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate whoever is a mother figure in your life – but don’t forget to treat yourself too!

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