Mixing Modern and Traditional.

There’s no need for compromise when it come to mixing these styles in your home. Combining both traditional and modern can create a wonderfully unique space showcasing your individual style. With a few tips in mind, you can master the art of combining modern and traditional furniture creating a relaxed and inviting home.

So not to overwhelm your room it is best to choose a dominant style and integrate the other through accessories. You could take a beautifully traditional chaise accessorising it with chic modern cushions or opt for a sleek contemporary sofa and accent with vintage scatters or a traditional country style throw.

charlotte naples

Keeping things simple allows your style to speak for it itself, too much clutter will create a distracting interior drawing attention away from what you are trying to achieve. It also has the ability to make expensive pieces look cheap. Don’t crowd your space with lots of furniture, choose a main piece and use it as the focal point of your room. The same goes for accessories. Display items alone or in small groups, this allows for a feeling of space keeping the eye on the pieces you want to showcase.

You can use colour to bring a spark to your room. Updating traditional furniture is perfect for this. You could restore it to its original condition or introduce a contemporary element by adding a splash of colour or a chic pattern. Modern furniture comes in all kinds of bright colours and bold patterns and can be used to add an exciting flair to your interior.

Mixing modern and traditional can be fun. It may take time to create a perfect balance between the two styles but once you do you will have a harmonious space you truly love.


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