Whether you live in a studio flat or a four bed house, space is a much desired commodity. If you’re struggling to make space in your home; don’t worry, our interior design experts are here with some simple decorating solutions to help you to maximise the space you have.

Sofa beds

Forget the horrific 90s futons, we’re talking about stylish sofa designs like this Cleveland Sofa Bed. The Cleveland sofa collection is the ultimate range for practicality, combining stylish sofas and beds with whilst providing a very contemporary look.

Give your guests a good night’s sleep with a sofa bed from ScS

 Stylish storage units

Think coffee tables with a drawer to store TV controllers, sideboards or footstools with built in storage. Adding furniture with built in storage can help you keep your home tidier, and reduce the build-up of clutter.

Make books and records a feature

Don’t just hide them away to accumulate dust – books and records can make an eye catching feature provided you get the right bookshelf to store them in. Our Oak Lounge open shelf unit is crafted from solid oak, the timber is seasoned (kiln dried), the natural oak finish sanded smooth, and the chocko finish sanded to leave a more open grain. This sleek, stylish design is the perfect solution for storing records and books in your home.

See through furnishings, mirrors and ceiling to floor curtains

See through furnishings and mirrors have been used by interior designers for years to trick the eye into believing a room is larger and more spacious than it actually is. Floor to ceiling curtains provide a similar effect, making the ceilings seem higher, thus making the room more spacious in the process.

Maximise space in your home

Bold, patterned wallpaper

Making a feature of your walls with bold, patterned wallpaper can add depth to your room and create the illusion of more space. Be careful not to go overboard with standout wallpaper, as to much can work against you – perhaps start with a feature wall.

These decorating tips will help transform your home and allow you to maximise space. If you feel like starting today, why don’t you take advantage of up to 4 years free credit, 0% APR representative on all purchases over £310?