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Lamps are made for lighting.

Picking the right light has never been an easy task and nowadays there are so many different styles, colours and shapes to choose from. From floor lights, cabinet features, table lighting and statement pieces, picking the right illumination is key. Different lights cover different ground and choosing the wrong light can lead to a poorly lit room and a dull space or equally an over-lit area.

Traditional Floor Lamps
If you’re looking for a traditional fixture in your home then a subtle floor lamp will make a real difference. As there are many shapes, sizes and designs they are often a great way to add a hint of class to your living space and they offer just the right amount of light for that shadowy, unloved corner. Depending on your decor traditional lighting can be used in almost any room, preferably in hall ways, bedrooms and lounges and with such a wide range of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect lamp to last you a lifetime.

floor lamps


Modern Floor Lamps
If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your lighting then a modern style is what you need. Statement lights are that ever more daring so they shouldn’t be used as often throughout your home. These larger, more dramatic pieces are great for showcasing a piece of art or a bookshelf and they are perfect for brightening up even the darkest of spaces – perfect in an entry, hallway, living room or bedroom.



The great thing about floor lamps is that they produce a stronger light so they are quite happy to stand alone and hold the room with light. Once you find that piece that is suitably perfect for your style, you can adapt your light to a lifetime of styles. This can be easily achieved through changing the light shade and moving it into different rooms, meaning you can keep your stylish lamp for many years to come without spending a fortune every time your décor changes.

Table Lamps
Table lights give you smaller pockets of light throughout your home and work well when you’re trying to light up a small space or set that perfect mood with lighting. From bold stripes, chic metallic and rustic wood, table lamps come in a whole host of imaginative designs that really allow your personality and unique style to shine through. The best thing about table lamps is that they don’t always have to match your décor – they can be a small, yet mighty statement all on their own.

So go ahead, light up your space and get creative with different styles, shapes and statement pieces!

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