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Leather Sofa Repair: Why Is It So Important?

Choosing a new sofa can be a bit like buying a new designer piece. You’ve spent weeks researching, prodding and sitting, before finally deciding on which sofa will grace your living room. But, a sofa isn’t just for Christmas; it’s an investment piece that will see you through many years and special occasions in your life if looked after correctly. We know how important it is to care for your new purchase and we’ve compiled a handy guide to show you how to clean your leather sofa to ensure a long, happy relationship together.By choosing to buy your leather sofa with ScS, any general wear and tear is covered by our 12-month parts and labour guarantee, and leather care kits are available to ensure any damage is stopped in its tracks.

Clean Furniture Regularly

To keep your sofa in pristine condition, be sure to keep any leather pieces away from direct sunlight and regularly clean furniture, rotating cushions where possible. Start by removing any dust and large debris with a vacuum, before wiping over with a damp (not wet) cloth. By doing this, it ensures that no dirt will be pressed into the leather as you continue cleaning. To prevent any damage, keep silicone polishes, detergents and abrasive cleaners as far away as possible from furniture and ensure a long lifespan.

Less is more

Make sure your leather piece is left looking younger for longer by focusing on cleaning any grimy parts and leaving the rest alone. Concentrate on removing any marks with a cloth or vacuum, to avoid over cleaning and damaging the leather. Treat your furniture from day one with our Leather Master range of Care and Maintenance Kits developed by Dr. Tork, leaving your sofa looking as good as new. Our leather care kits include: a care cream to provide powerful cleaning, an ‘ink away stick’ to combat ball point pen, make-up products and tough stains, as well as a soft cleaner to provide gentle cleansing. When trying out a new cleaning method, we always advise carrying out a spot test beforehand to ensure no residue or further marks are left behind.

Act Quickly

With small feet and pets roaming around the house, accidents can happen and if you act quickly, lasting damage can be prevented. If any spillages occur, blot clean straight away with a clean dry white cloth to remove the stain. Any rips, tears, scuffs or scratches are covered by our 5 year sofa guard protection, which looks after your leather from just 31p a week. Our helpful sales advisors will be more than happy to offer the best cleaning solution for your purchase when completing your order.

Extra TLC

The old saying goes, ‘treat people the way you would like to be treated’, and the same goes for your leather sofa; show it some extra TLC and it will last a lifetime. With regular cleaning, quick thinking and additional conditioning every 12 to 18 months, your sofa will be left gleaming for years to come, becoming part of the family. Before undertaking any cleaning, always consult documents that arrive with your sofa and if in doubt our customer service team are on hand to answer any questions.

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