We’re all prone to letting clutter build up in our homes, but with the right storage you can keep things out of sight and add a stylish, modern touch to your home.

Here are our top tips on how to help you get creative with your storage space and ensure your home stays tidy:

Add a coffee table with drawers to your living room

Having a coffee table with built in storage will give you the space to keep the essential items tidy in your living room. For style and storage, we’d recommend this contemporary Mango Lounge coffee table with a drawer that is perfect for storing magazines, TV remotes and console controllers!

CutoutBynderLarge-L009034_CO_RAN Mango Lounge Coffee Table with Drawer

Remove clutter when you walk through the door, with a hallway table with drawers

With the addition of this solid reclaimed pine Clifton hallway table with four drawers, you can add some rustic charm to your home and move your keys and letters from the top of the table into the drawers – ensuring your hallway remains clean and tidy.

And, if you want to keep the rustic theme running throughout your home, the Clifton range also includes a coffee table, TV cabinet and a side table – all of which come with built in storage.


A sofa with built in storage

In the family home storage is always an issue, especially with young children. The practical Sleeper sofa range comes complete with hidden storage that is perfect for storing items that can build up in living rooms – toys, blankets etc. As well as being a highly practical sofa, the Sleeper sofa range comes with foam seats as standard to giving you high levels of comfort after a long day.


These stylish, practical items of furniture will make sure your home stays clean and clutter free, and to make your purchase even more affordable, all of these items are available with up to 4 years free credit, 0% APR representative.