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Take our romantic movies quiz now!


How well do you know your romantic movie scenes?

Titanic, Dirty Dancy, Notting Hill…. Everyone loves a good romantic film, but what is your favourite of all time?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, couples up and down the country will be snuggling up on their sofas with chocolates, popcorn and wine indulging in fuzzy romantic films.

In the spirit of the day, we conducted some research to find out the nation’s favourite scene from romantic movies throughout the decades, and we were surprised to learn that only two of the top ten most popular came from films released in the last fifteen years.

With classics like A Wonderful Life and The Notebook leading the way, we thought we’d test your knowledge to see just how well you know your romantic films rather than simply telling you the nation’s top ten favourites.

To test your film knowledge, take the romantic movie moments quiz here:

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