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Is your Sunday Roast on its way out?

Like a good cup of tea and the best fish and chips, the traditional Sunday roast is something that us Brits are well known for. But is that about to change?

We’ve done the research…

Our latest research shows that whilst we might still consider a Sunday roast as the traditional way to round off our weekends, only 39% of people in the UK actually sit down to eat one once a week. With 17% of the people we asked admitting they enjoy theirs as little as once a month.

Although the roast is still a firm favourite amongst the older generation, with 54% of those aged 65+ still enjoying a roast dinner each Sunday, it seems younger generations are favouring some up and coming alternatives.

What else is on the menu?

With 7 out of 10 UK parents telling us they wished they were able to have more family mealtimes, it might just be that the rise of the roast alternative gets us back eating together again. When we asked our audience, a hearty shepherd’s pie, Indian food or a good-old cottage pie are the recipes that came out on top for the most-loved alternatives to a roast dinner.

So to help you get back around the family dinner table and enjoy a hearty alternative, we’ve teamed up with Fab Food 4 All to bring you a roast-inspired recipe with an Indian twist.

This Indian spiced roast chicken with coriander and mint raita is a guaranteed family favourite and a tasty alternative, ready for those warm summer weekends we have coming up!

Are you an avid Sunday roaster or a no-goer?

We want to know! Whether you’re holding firm with your roast every week or you prefer to take a regular bite of something new, we’d love you to tell us.

Tweet us @ScSSofas with your taste bud-tingling snaps! Show us your Sunday roasts or your favourite alternatives, and you can even leave us your recipe, too.

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