Interior Trend: Pop Art

Pop Art is an exciting style of interior design focusing on popular culture; that means bold colours, bright gestures and striking markings. It’s a trend that begs to be noticed and there are a variety of methods and techniques employed by those looking to replicate a Pop Art theme in their own home.

The name Pop Art was chosen by its inventor, Lawrence Alloway, in 1955. It was selected to represent a new form of popular art and it is characterised by images of consumerism, popular culture and block colours. It has been described as loud and often rambunctious, owing to its contrasting features.

A home which has adopted this interior style is likely to feature bold, bright and contrasting colours, with prominent, sometimes aggressive markings and designs in and on everything from the wallpaper to the floor. Think patterned prints, retro imagery and an over the top use of colour…

popartThis kitchen adopts features of the pop art trend well. For example, the bold green used for the chairs, cupboards and tiles is cleverly offset against the white floor, creating a contrast and highlighting the use of colour. The same technique has been used with the table, with the chairs being used to create a stark contrast to the white surface.

popart1Similarly, this kitchen also features blocks of bright, primary colours.  It is important to take note that the colours are offset against the white, which is plain and bland, helping to create emphasis. In order to make this room more ‘Pop Art’ than it already is, prints could be added to the walls, as well as a range of carefully selected furniture.

popart3Although plain in terms of what is actually in the room, the use of orange walls and white floors serve to create the Pop Art atmosphere. It is advised that anyone wishing to adopt the trend should ideally start with the walls and floors first. For our full range of flooring, including; laminate, vinyl, wood and carpet, please click here.




The furniture you choose to include will have a huge impact on developing the trend throughout your home. Chairs such as these are a direct reflection of popular culture, mirroring the element consumerism encompassed by the trend. Brands such as Campbell’s are an intrinsic part of popular culture as they represent the modern age of consumerism. For a full range of dining and occasional products, please click here.


In terms of decoration, featuring pieces such as this decorative bottle display will help to add to the underlying elements of Pop Art design in a given room. Again, the bright colours are offset against the plain white, making them stand out. The multicoloured bottles serve as a strong contrast to the white brick wall. Such subtle touches will serve to help you achieve an overall Pop Art look in your home.

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