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Infographic: The crazy numbers behind the perfect Christmas!

With the official countdown now on, it seems that Christmas 2017 is going to be bigger than ever, with an estimated £38billion to be spent by UK shoppers.

In the lead up to the big day, we surveyed 1,000 people to discover the true numbers behind Christmas, and the results were even more spectacular than we expected.

From the £1.5billion spent on Christmas cards to the 910,000,000 metres of wrapping paper used, it’s safe to say that the Great British public does not cut any corners during the festive season.

Along with presents, there is also the small matter of food and drink, with research showing that the average household spends a whopping £228 on food, and an additional £182 on alcohol!

But, where does it all go?!

One thing is clear; diets go completely out the window over the Christmas period… You may be surprised to learn that over the festive period, on average each person in the UK will:

  • Chomp down an average of 8 chocolates each, equating to 520,800,000 nationwide
  • Guzzle 6 glasses of wine or fizz per person, totalling 390,600,000 across the UK
  • Scoff 6 sprouts, equating to 390,600,000 Brussels sprouts eaten across the nation
  • Munch on an average of 5 mince pies each, totalling 325,500,000 nationwide
  • Plate up 4 pigs in blankets per person, which totals 260,400,000 cooked nationwide
  • And, after all that there’s still room left for pudding, with an average 3 Christmas puddings eaten per person, amounting to 195,300,000 consumed throughout the UK

These incredible statistics are just the beginning. Have a look at our infographic below, to find out the likelihood of snow in your area, the amount of time spent sitting on the sofa on Christmas day, and number of mince pies left on the fireplace for Santa:


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