Ensuring you have enough space in your living room is essential to the whole look and feel to the room. If you’re struggling for space, here’s a few useful tips on how you can make your living room feel larger.

Storage Furniture

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Storage, storage and more storage. The best way to really maximise space is to have multipurpose furniture. Storage footstools are a great idea as they can be used to put your feet up, an extra seat and also be used to store things like rugs or coasters for your dining table. We also have a wide range of storage furniture such as shelving units which are a great way to keep all your things in one place.


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Lots of reflective surfaces are a great way of bringing light into the room and brightening up dark corners. this can make the room feel a lot more welcoming and seem to create more space.

Corner Sofa

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A corner sofa is perfect for creating an open space in your living room whilst also providing plenty of seating space. by using the perimeter of the sofa to break the room up, this can give the impression of a larger looking living room.