Hard-wearing Carpets.

A good carpet makes a house feel like a home so you are sure to want it to last. Hard-wearing carpets are an excellent choice for hectic homes as they are tough and practical while still maintaining the warmth and texture of a regular carpet. Typically used in high traffic areas, such as the hall, stairs and landing, the durability of hard-wearing carpets means it is perfect for busy families.

Twist-pile carpets are a practical choice. Made from twisted fibres, they are hard-wearing and easy to look after. Twist-pile carpets create an even textured surface that is springy underfoot and are good at hiding scuffs and marks, so they are perfect for homes with children or pets. Twist-pile carpets tend to come in a wide variety of colours so they are plenty for you to choose from.

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Loop-pile carpets are a classic as they are hard-wearing, perfect for any room. Typically made from a blend of fibres, the looped threads create a textured effect that are excellent for hiding footprints although not so good for homes with pets. The looped yarn can get caught in their claws, pulling the carpet so be careful where you place this carpet if you have animals in your home.

If exceptional durability, practicality and an all-purpose carpet is what you are looking for then a berber carpet is what you need for your home. A loop-pile carpet made with heavy yarn is a low-cost yet stylish choice for active homes giving you hard-wearing, high performance carpeting. Suitable for any room, a berber carpet is the best choice for anyone after long lasting flooring.


Woven carpets are some of the finest carpets creating a luxurious feel. Hard-wearing and of extremely high quality, woven carpets are made from premium fibres making them expensive. Known for their longevity and durability these are perfect for those with a higher budget but still after high performance flooring.

If you are looking for a hard-wearing, heavy duty carpet then there are plenty for you to choose from. It pays to spend a little more on a heavier pile carpet if you want something that will last and maintain its appearance.

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