From pumpkin carving to cobwebs, there’s rarely a home at Halloween that is free from decorations, and we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

Once you’ve finished making your Halloween costumes, it’s time to move on to your home and give it the fear factor that the scariest day of the year requires.

Pumpkin carving

We know pumpkin carving is nothing new, but why not give this Halloween tradition a twist and jazz up those designs up with these ‘Advanced Pumpkin Templates?’ From Dracula to haunted houses, there are a wide range of templates to choose from, but make sure you’ve got a fine knife or a pumpkin carver as these designs require fine detailing. See templates here.


Dress the windows

Bats, cobwebs, skeletons… they all add to the chilling vibes of Halloween and help give your home a scary feel, but why not take it one step further and add silhouettes to your windows? From vampires to cauldrons, these creepy silhouettes will really give ‘treat or treaters’ a scare and give your home a simple yet effective Halloween feel. See the full list of templates here.


Halloween themed buffet

The scare factor may vary from home to home as you weigh up whether you’re having a cute fancy dress party or a zombie inspired evening of frights. If you’ve got friends over, it’s likely you’ll have food or drinks out for people to help themselves, but why not spice up the table with some decorations? Think spiders, tombstones, cobwebs etc. See more ideas here.


The white sheet effect

Why is it every unoccupied home in any scary film has white sheets covering all of the furniture? This abandoned look is cheap and easy to create, not to mention that fact it will protect your furniture if anything is spilled! White sheets can be picked up relatively cheaply and they will give your home an instant chilling feel this Halloween. See more here.


Glass jar lights

Glass jar (LED) lights make a great craft activity for kids on a rainy day and getting them involved in the decorations will give them a real sense of pride on Halloween night. To make these, all you’ll need is an empty jar and some paint or permanent markers. Think Halloween colours and stock up on orange, green and black paint! See more here.


Halloween is always much more fun for those that go the extra mile with their costumes and decorations, so make sure you emerge yourself in the excitement this year!

All of these suggestions can be made into a rainy day family activity and by encouraging your kids use their imagination and come up with extra ideas, you’ll be guaranteed a happy Halloween!