Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is less than five days away and this year it lands on a Friday, meaning you have more of an excuse than ever to throw a great party. Here in this blog, you’ll find a variety of decorations you can use in your own home to make this year’s Halloween extra spooky.

We’ve selected the five best do-it-yourself Halloween decorations that we could find, so why not have a go at making something unique? All of the below can be made at home with just a few simple materials. The materials are cheap to source if you don’t already have them and this is a much more environmentally friendly way of celebrating Halloween.

The Top 5

chickenwire1) Garden Ghosts – sculpt chicken wire into the shape of a woman wearing a dress. Next, apply some glow in the dark spray paint, ensuring you get every inch of chicken wire. Wait until darkness and you’ll see your creation come to life. You can be imaginative with where you place your ghosts, they don’t just have to be in the garden, you could also put them on top of roofs and in porches.

Spooky Glowing Eyes 2) Spooky Glowing Eyes – this has to be one of the simplest decorations you can make at home. All you need is some toilet paper rolls and some glow sticks (any colour you like will work well). Next, cut out eye shapes in the toilet rolls. Once you’ve done that, activate a glow stick and put it inside, then display the spooky glowing eyes wherever you want; you could put them in the garden, in the bathroom or on shelves and bookcases.

3) Creepy Crawlie Candles – give your Halloween buffet table a spooky touch by using these candles. Simply take some clear glass tumblers and cover with vellum (or translucent paper) so that it fits all around. Then use a spider stamp to stamp the vellum with a spooky pattern. Light up your candle and enjoy the festive feel.

Spiderweb Wreath4) Spiderweb Wreath – who said wreaths are just for Christmas? A wreath is a great decoration and so using one for Halloween can only serve to make things even more spooky. Start off with a plain twig wreath and then spray it all black. Next, add in some fake moss from a craft shop and glue on a large spider. You can then glue on much smaller spiders all around the wreath. Place the finished piece behind the buffet table.

5) Shrunken Apple Heads – these are a great way to get into the spirit of things. Apples are fairly cheap and won’t hurt the Shrunken Apple Headsenvironment, plus they make a great alternative to pumpkins. Firstly, get plenty of apples, more than you think you’ll need and peel them. Next, carve in the spooky faces that you want. Then, leave your apples to dehydrate somewhere warm and you’ll be left with some scary apple heads!


Have you got any ideas?

Simply use the comments box below to let us know of any other homemade Halloween decorations you can think of. If they’re good, we’ll add them to this blog post.

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