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A Guide to Winter Design Trends by ScS

A Guide to Winter Design Trends by ScS

Many of us have already begun to feel the chill, which means the start of winter is fast approaching. But don’t let the cold weather and gray days get you down, decorate your home with the latest trends and create the perfect wintry retreat. Below is a selection of what’s on trend for the season, so take a look and see what could work in your own home.

Be Unique

Be individual, unique and sentimental. There’s currently a lot of emphasis on designing your home based on your own individuality as it is great way to introduce character and personality into your living space.

Take the opportunity to showcase sentimental items, such as an old mirror left by relatives, or ornaments which have been handed down through the generations, to help create that feeling of nostalgia and bring individuality into your home. You may also choose to include vintage items, such as an entry chest or entry table. We suggest starting with a few items that mean something to you and place them around your home and build from there. You can then add additional retro and vintage items as you go. Our Driftwood collection of furniture will help you achieve an individual look.




This season, the colour sangria is a highly desired colour. Colour always play an important part in the design of any interior as they help to create the  atmosphere and set the tone in a room. Whatever type of atmosphere you choose will more than likely be dictated by the colours that you choose to use. This beautiful colour featured in Pantone’s Autumn Colour Report.

Pantone describes this colour as ‘an exotic red that evokes a sense of glamorous adventures and faraway destinations.’ The name Sangria reflects the sense of ‘glamarous adventures’ and ‘faraway destinations’ as it is also associated with a fruity Spanish wine that many of us enjoy when we go abroad. The colour is also aptly named as it really does reflect the colour of the dark red wine. 

As well as holding connotations of exotic getaways and relaxation, the colour goes well with many others, including lavenders and soft greens. The purple hue of this colour also hints at the festive period ahead of us,  so this would be a great colour to have in your home over the Christmas period.


Old Meets New

irnJust like the ‘Be Unique’ trend, the Old Meets New focuses on combining old pieces with modern interior design and colour schemes. The stark contrast between old decorative pieces and contemporary items helps to highlight the uniqueness of both. It also provides a great opportunity to showcase some of the family hand-me-downs that you’ve never felt comfortable displaying over fears it will compromise the style of your interior decoration.

Forget all of that and leave your insecurities at the door. Get set for the Old Meets New trend and dig out the attic for a range of old items. Proudly place these in the midst of your modern home and you’ll give it lots of character. Try adding a traditional accent chair, a pot vase or any other antiques that you like. Remember that this trend is all about creating a contrast so that your decorations stand out and reflect your own personality.

Window Sheers

shutterstock_157640909This season, window sheers are going to make a comeback. With their tassels and patterns, window sheers were once a huge hit in the 80s but then the 90s happened and they adopted a more subtle and plain image. Nevertheless, they were still a popular choice for homeowners.

They’re great for allowing in natural light, whilst also affording you a certain level of privacy. The minimalistic approach to window sheers in the 90s eventually lead to a surge in demand for blinds and other modern replacements. However, that is all changing as people realise that sheers do the job cheaply and simply. They are also highly compatible with a range of trends and styles and can be picked up from most home-ware shops.


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