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Going that extra mile for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching (19th June) and it gives you the perfect opportunity to show your dad how much he means to you. To help you make it special, we’ve come up with five ideas to help you show your appreciation:

Let him have a lie in

The working week is a long one, and whether your dad is working nine to five or a shift rotation, his sleeping pattern will be controlled by the alarm clock. Let him start Father’s Day at whatever time he wants, free from alarm clocks and busy schedules, then you can start spoiling him when he’s wide awake.


Put some thought into his gift

Dads tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to presents, so go the extra mile this year and don’t just hand him a ‘nice bottle’. Put a bit of thought into it. Make it personal. Does he have a hobby, a favourite sports team or a lifelong dream of owning a La-Z-Boy sofa? Think about what he likes and buy him a present based around his interests. He will appreciate this much more than a bottle of booze!


Mow the lawn

As if permanently written in the calendar from the minute the sun comes out, dads the length and breadth of the country find themselves mowing the lawn every weekend, despite a busy week at dad. For one day only, why don’t your fire up the lawn mower and treat your dad to a freshly cut lawn? Or go one step further and treat him to some artificial grass so he never has to cut the grass again?!


Cook his favourite meal

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. No one appreciates a good feed quite like your father, so make take his Father’s day experience to a new level with a home cooked meal to his liking. Or, if the sun’s shining, you could even have a BBQ – dads love a BBQs!


Let him choose what he wants to watch on TV

Keep the fight over the TV remote for another time. This is your dad’s special day. With Euro 2016 in full flow, football may be on the menu, and if your old man wants to watch the host nation take on Switzerland as he relaxes in his recliner, you better get on board!


Whatever your plan, just make sure of one thing – give your dad the appreciation he deserves!

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