With endless video games and TV series on offer, board games are often forgotten about, but there’s no denying, they’re a great laugh when you get the whole family involved. We’ve picked out favourites – some old, some new, but all great!


Don’t turn your nose up, this timeless game may last for hours, but will really get those competitive juices flowing. Buying properties, building houses, building hotels, being sent to jail, acquiring train stations and utilities… and on top of that, collecting a heap of cash. What’s not to like? This marathon board game is built around patience and is the perfect game to play on a rainy day when you’ve got time to kill.



Making words with tiles may not sound like much fun, but there’s a reason that Scrabble has stood the test of time. Although a bit of a slow starter, Scrabble really gets going once each player has a few points on the board and the competition really hots up. Scrabble is as much about tactics as vocabulary, so make sure you think about the words you play and watch out for those triple word tiles!



The best thing about Pictionary is, you don’t actually have to buy the board game – you can make it up yourself and play with a pen and paper. Pictionary is one of the few games around that is actually more fun if you’re bad at it! With bad drawings, good drawings, creative thinking and loads of laughs, Pictionary is a great family activity for a rainy day.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes? Mixing luck and judgement to solve the most whimsical murder in history, Cluedo is a great board game to play with the family, but can also make for a fun evening with friends over a glass of wine. With constant updates to the original game, Cluedo remains as popular today as it was upon its release in 1949.


Absolute Balderdash

Having been first released in 1984, Absolute Balderdash has gone on to sell over 15 million copies, proving that the public really do love bluffing when given the opportunity. With a number of categories including definitions, laws, films and book, players are challenged to fool their opponents into believing their answer is the correct one. This is definitely one for the creative thinkers amongst us – or those with the gift of the gab!

We know it’s not easy keeping the kids busy on a rainy day, but these board games will help get you started and you never know, you could even have fun!