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Foundation of Light: Top Scorer Awards

Foundation of Light: Top Scorer Awards

Our very own Rob Jones attended the annual Foundation of Light Top Scorer event at the Sunderland Stadium of Light, to present an ScS sponsored award.

The celebratory presentation was held to recognise the outstanding achievements of young people, adults and families across the North East who have been able to improve their lives with the help of the Foundation of Light.

A series of awards were presented by businesses and supporters of the charity.

That’s why, as a business, we are thrilled to support the organisation, raising vital funds to ensure that the Foundation of Light is able to continue delivering its life changing programmes.

Rob Jones was joined by Black Cats stars, fundraisers and other businesses as he presented the ScS Realising Potential award to Nicholas Chisholm.

Appropriately named, the Realising Potential award was presented to Nicholas to acknowledge his motivation, drive and success in light of his condition.

Rob said: “It was a great atmosphere – the room was filled with proud parents and it was all very inspiring.”

Nicholas, 13, of Sunderland, has fine motor skills which affect his ability to move and take part in physical activities.

Rob Jones

Rob Jones presenting the ScS Realising Potential award.

That’s where the Foundation of Light’s ‘Tackle It’ team stepped in.

The ‘Tackle It’ team offer a range of programmes which aim to improve young people’s knowledge about personal, social and health issues, including bullying and racism.

They worked with Nicholas’ class at school, educating them about physical fitness and health, and over the following six week programme, he became more and more involved with his class as his confidence soared.

Nicholas was able to realise his potential, embracing sport rather than avoiding it.

Rob added: “It’s great that we as a company [ScS] are able to support such a brilliant, local organisation, enabling them to provide such valuable services to young people like Nicholas.”

Despite Nicholas’ previous disinterest in sport, he now takes part in every physical activity and test, along with the rest of his classmates.

Teachers from Nicholas’ school have commented on the positive impact that the ‘Tackle It’ programme has had, explaining that other pupils have adopted the ‘can do’ attitude taught throughout the course.

Rob added: “It was great to get the chance to talk to Nicholas. He is an inspiration to all and it’s fantastic to see the positive impact that the sport programme has had on Nicholas, his parents and his peers.”

“The Foundation gives people a new lease of life that they wouldn’t normally get. We only saw the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more going on behind the scenes.”

During the event, Sir Bob Muray CBE, Foundation of Light Trustee, thanked all who attended the awards ceremony, adding that the Foundation’s work would not be possible without the support from volunteers, supporters and businesses.

The Foundation of Light continues to offer support, training, opportunities and more to young people, families and adults across the North East.

If you would like to make a personal donation to the cause, please click here.


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