The Most Frequently Forgotten Christmas Items

(In no particular order)

1. Batteries – lots of the toys children receive on Christmas Day are likely to be electronic and therefore will either require a power outlet or batteries. Avoid the disappointment and stock up on a variety; you never know which ones you’ll need!


2. Sticky Tape- although you may be confident of your supplies, many people still run out of this rendering disasters as far as wrapping presents is concerned. Always have a back up stash that you can grab if the worse comes to worst.


3. Crackers  – tradition indicates that Tom Smith of London invented crackers in 1847, don’t forget yours!


4. Gravy  – messing up the homemade gravy could be just enough to spoil Christmas Dinner. Get some emergency gravy granules that you can use in case something goes wrong.


5. Household Essentials – with limited opening hours across many convenience stores, it’s a good idea to stock up on the essentials such as; milk, bread, butter and of course, toilet roll.



6. Cranberry Sauce – often overlooked, Cranberry Sauce is still one of the most forgotten Christmas items (don’t forget your mint sauce too if required).


7.  Stuffing – people get distracted with trying to source the perfect Turkey that they often forget the stuffing to go with it. Don’t be that person.


stuffing8. Napkins – a necessity that you really ought to remember (make sure you have enough cutlery too).


9. Brussels Sprouts – loathed by some, loved by others. Nevertheless, they’re a staple part of Christmas Dinner and deserve to be remembered.


10. Pigs in Blankets – although you wouldn’t expect for this family favourite to be forgotten, it still regularly gets missed off our lists resulting in disappointment at the dinner table.


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