Five Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter, traditionally a religious festival, is now celebrated by many and has become synonymous with new beginnings.

The giving of eggs at Easter represents new life, but this not a new concept. From the very beginnings of the Easter festival, eggs were customised with different colours, patterns and designs. The eggs would then be given to loved ones. Customising the eggs makes them personalised and is lots of fun.

Eggs often form part of a home’s Easter display, so giving thought to how you might present your artistic efforts is a very good idea. Why arrange and place them on a coffee table?

We’ve put together a list of five ways you can personalise eggs this Easter.

Use Paint pant

1. Start by  hard boiling the eggs. You can pop them in the fridge to cool down in order to speed up the process.

2. We recommend using acrylic paint, you can find it in most stationary shops. Once you have bought the paints and a fine, small paintbrush, you’re ready to begin.

3. Using a pencil, draw a faint outline of where you will be painting. This will help to ensure that you stay focused and makes it easier. Paint one side of the egg at a time, allowing one side to cool before beginning on another. This will help to prevent smudging and smearing.

4. Display your masterpiece!

Use Rice


1. Hard boil the eggs and then set them aside so that they can cool down.

2. Place the rice into a bowl and add the food colouring until you are satisfied with it, making sure you mix it up well.

3. Next, using the brush, cover the egg in glue. If you don’t have a brush, you can use a glue stick.

4. Next, roll the egg around in the bowl of rice so that the rice grains fully cover the egg. Set aside and allow to dry.

5. Show off your decorative egg!

Use Food Colouring


1. Purchase food colouring – the colours you select will depend on your preference and how you want the eggs to look.

2. Fill a bowl(s) with water and add the food colouring. Between five and ten drops will be enough.

3. Next, place the egg in the bowl and leave it to absorb the dye – give it about ten minutes, leaving the egg submerged.

4. Finally, remove the egg (ensuring that all of the surface area has been dyed) and place somewhere convenient to dry.

You might want to display your eggs in a basket – a range of colours and patterns will look vibrant and exciting.

Use Stickers

Image: HWTM Blog

1. Stickers are a great way to decorate eggs and produce minimal mess. Search eBay, Amazon or your local stationary shop for suitable easter eggs stickers.

2. Hard boil the eggs and then set aside to cool.

3. Once the eggs have cooled, you may wish to paint or dye them before adding stickers (see above).

4. Ensuring that the eggs are both cool and dry, begin to apply your stickers. You may want to view our Pinterest board for different ideas that you can use.

Use String


1. Hard boil the eggs and set them aside so they can cool.

2. Starting at the bottom of the egg, continuously wrap the string tightly around the egg.

3. Once the whole egg is covered in string, you can display it or add additional decorative touches, such as paints/stickers.

To view our Easter-inspired Pinterest board, please click here.

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