Across all of our sofas and chairs we have 2 main seat interiors offered which both give a completely different look, feel and sit to your sofa. But what are the main differences?


The Luna features Fibre Filled seats as standard. Shop the Luna range here.

Fibre filled seats are very soft and squishy and require regular plumping to maintain there full and inviting look. This can require a lot of work and after a while, the regular plumping can become a bit of a chore and therefore starts to go a miss. This can leave your sofa looking saggy and lifeless, so if you’re not prepared to maintain your fibre filled cushions, then opt for a foam filled interior.


The Pompeii features Foam Filled seats as standard. Shop the Pompeii range here.

If you require a sofa which offers additional support and a firmer sit, then a sofa with a foam interior is perfect for you. And, a foam interior requires a lot less maintenance as it maintains its shape for longer, meaning you do not need to keep constantly plumping and rearranging the cushions.

If the sofa you want does not have a foam interior coming as standard, on certain models you can upgrade to. foam interior for as little as £40 a seat.