With over 10 million potential colours, where do you begin when thinking of a new and exciting colour scheme for your home? Whether you are moving home or just fancy a change, choosing between light or dark, warm or cool colours, can be very overwhelming.

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Luckily, Dulux Paint do the hard work for all of us indecisive amateur decorators as every year they choose the ‘Colour of the Year’. Upcoming in 2019, the colour of the year is ‘Spiced Honey’. As this is released early, this gives you the chance to plan ahead and start getting the furniture and accessories to match this warm amber tone. Spiced Honey is inspired by honey itself and it can create a whole range of moods, depending on which colours you pair it with.

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If you want to bring a calm and soothing environment to your room, Spiced Honey should be paired with pastel colours, warm woods and tactile textures to create the perfect place for relaxation. The light grey Nikki would settle in with this colour scheme effortlessly and would complement this peaceful look.


On the other hand, if a more vibrant and exciting scheme is for you and you are looking to create a more energizing room, then Spiced Honey can bring balance and harmony. When used with bold bright colours and edgy modern furniture, this really brings the room to life and fills it with energy. Therefore, when it comes to the best sofa to complete this look, the Solo makes a modern statement, combining a sleek design with vibrant fabrics.


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