When it comes to dating, some things can be instant deal breakers, and in our recent survey we discovered that bad table manners really can make or break a relationship. In fact, almost half (49.4%) admitted they would end a relationship over bad dining etiquette… and we have a feeling the other half will be biting their tongue as their partner chews loudly from across the table!

But which bad habit is the biggest turn-off? And what warning signs should you be looking out for when you’re on a date?

It turns out technology is one of the main culprits, and sitting at a table watching someone check their phone irritates the most Brits. Overall, 64% named it as a turn-off, with older generations finding it increasingly annoying. 42% of Millennials find it pretty rude, but this is nothing compared to a huge 80% of those who are aged 65 and up. Better not check Facebook or upload a new Instagram picture with your Grandma around!

Poor Nathan Blake, in fact, was recently a victim of going on a date with a girl who seemed to be glued to her phone. It was only on their fourth date when they headed out to dinner that her bad manners were revealed. As well as eating her meal in a record-breaking five minutes she, in Nathan’s words, ‘spent the rest of her time on her phone, texting and giggling at the messages she was getting.’ It’s safe to say Nathan never arranged a fifth date, and we definitely don’t blame him!

Dating Turn Offs

Chew loudly followed closely behind bad tech habits, with 63% labelling it as annoying. We can definitely relate – the sound of someone smacking their lips, slurping and just being downright noisy makes our toes curl, even just by thinking about it.

Dates who eat with their mouths open commit the biggest sin of all, and this bad habit ranked above all others as the ultimate turn-off, with almost a third naming it as their number one irritant. Billie, who sent us a tweet, thoroughly agrees and told us how her chatty date couldn’t seem to keep his mouth closed, revealing way too much and spoiling her dinner! She’s not alone either, 57% find this a disgusting habit. Poor Billie also recalled a date where knives and forks were completely abandoned during a steak dinner – her date picked up the meat with his hands instead! We’re slightly horrified…

Some of us are more traditional and still believe that using napkins, keeping your elbows off the table and using the correct hands for knives and forks are vital – Sarah Parson via Twitter even told us she broke up with her boyfriend after his manners weren’t up to scratch during a dinner with her parents! It might seem ridiculous to some, but sometimes certain dining habits can really make us snap. We all remember that Joey outburst on Friends… he definitely wasn’t a fan of sharing food.

It just goes to show, even now when dining is much more casual, that brushing up on your dining etiquette can really make a difference in a relationship!