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Decorating with Green

Decorating with Green.

Today is St Patrick’s Day, so it would only be right to dedicate today’s post to the wonderful colour of green and how to decorate with it. Decorating with green can be daunting as it isn’t a common colour used throughout the home, but if it’s done properly it can look truly stunning.

Green on the floor
If you want to inject some green into your home but don’t want to touch your walls then a green rug is the more inexpensive way to shake things up. The great thing about using rugs is that they can be moved from room to room with ease and it allows for more daring shades as it only covers a small area.

Green is great for accessorising, from simple glass jars, vases and art work to patterned cushions, throws and lampshades. They all bring the green without being too overpowering. When picking accessories remember to choose only a few key pieces to give you your green fix, it’s better to start off small and add to it. For green beginners try using a cushion here and there, a green lamp shade or a subtle vase to get you started.

green wallsgreen decorgreengreen room

Flowers and leaves also bring the green
Don’t forget that the simplest way to inject green into your home is through foliage. Plants can really brighten up your space, add texture to your room and all importantly add that subtle hint if GREEN, but in a natural, not trying too hard kind of way. Remember you can use real or fake plants to keep your home looking fresh all year round.

flowers    green house     green plants

Green walls
Green is a great colour scheme for your home as it’s so versatile, rejuvenating and crisp. It can be easily accessorised into spring and create a warm and cosy haven throughout winter. Mixing shades of green is something that really adds the wow factor to any space – it’s ultra-modern and simple to do. Simply introduce alternative tones of green through accessories, mixing up textures and materials to add extra dimension. For example, when painting your walls use a lighter, more relaxed colour and accessorise with darker green tones. Dark green can be used for walls but try sticking to one wall only to ensure your room feels lighter and brighter, not darker and smaller. Moss greens, light emeralds, zesty limes and simple mints work brilliantly on walls and will go perfectly with almost any other colour. Using green for your walls creates a modern and fresh feel to your home, brightening up your mood as well as your walls.

green interiorgreen  wallgem greengreen office

Top Tips to remember
– Light and bright on your walls
– Dark and daring when it comes to your accessories
– Don’t be afraid of a contrasting pattern


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